Website Audit Report

Every website is different and the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing look at your website in a unique manner. When it comes to understanding websites, and how a customized marketing campaign works, it is imperative that we understand your website, and particularly what issued you may have with your site that will impact rankings on search engines.

Why a Website Audit Report…


A Website Audit Report performed by AKMC allow you to get a professional health check on your website. The audit covers such things like the overall design, and also a structure analysis. We will also look at page and link errors while also seeing if there are any page title and meta description issues. However, we do not stop there; we also provide a back link analysis, look at URL architecture, duplicate content analysis, and an in-depth target keyword analysis.

It is especially important to do a website analysis, especially if you are looking to invest in an online SEO marketing campaign. When you do run an SEO program, it is usually a long term investment in time and money. With any long term investment, it is best to do the needed due diligence and proper research prior to making your investment.

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With our website audit report, we will address and outline what fixes are necessary, and often overlooked and ignored. By acting upon the findings, you can maximize your online marketing and SEO efforts, as well as improve the overall user experience for your potential customers.



Let’s also remember that search engines made algorithm updates that can impact a website’s SEO efforts. A website audit will help protect your website from algorithm changes. Two major algorithms, Panda and Penguin, targeted sites with low-quality content and web spam respectively. Our audit takes these changes into consideration, so contact AKMC to help you move your website in the right direction.

At AKMC, we believe that understanding your needs, objectives and goals are the most important elements in order to provide a website audit report that will help you target your market and keep you ahead of the curve.

Our reports include the following:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Error Troubleshooting Report
  • Page Title and Meta Description Troubleshooting
  • Backlinks Report
  • Content Analysis and optimization Guidelines
  • Summary Report and Recommendations

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