SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Improve Visibility & Rankings, while Increasing Traffic, Leads and Sales

SEO performed properly results in higher rankings for your website. At AKMC, our goal is to help you get noticed on relevant searches that potential customer are doing online, with the ultimate goal of achieving the number one position on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any of the other search engines being used. The higher your site ranks on the search engine results pages… The higher the click through rate, and… The greater the number of visits to your site.

At AKMC, we understand that SEO involves the application of thorough guidelines and proficient search engine optimization techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, linking, localization, personalization and socialization of your web site. Doing an SEO project will increase free targeted traffic or visitors to your website, as opposed to getting instant through paid search engine advertising.

Having a website is not enough in today’s day and age. You need to make sure that prospects can find your business, and that SEO means letting search engines know that your website exists. Through AKMC’s process, we will help you obtain high visibility on search engines, thus giving you more traffic to your web site and a higher chance of getting leads, conversions, and sales for your business.

SEO-WorldIt’s never too late to implement SEO, and AKMC can help. The best time is to do it now, so you can harvest the benefits now and months beyond. The earlier you do SEO for your business, the faster and the better you will be able to position yourself against competitors.

Choosing AKMC can put you ahead of the curve. We can help you get your SEO to fast forward your business to the next level, but remember that SEO will not produce immediate results. The success of a true SEO campaign relies on continuous implementation and adjustments, due to market changes and your competition. The key for starting the right SEO strategy is a thorough research and analysis to make sure that no effort is put to waste and that you get more positive net effects for every SEO activity we perform for your business. With our in-depth consultation and experience, your business will be poised to gain more from your investment through our SEO services.

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What Will AKMC Do For Your Business?

The effort AKMC puts into your SEO campaign will help your business focus on returning optimal results. We identify targeted keywords through research and analysis and also look at your current rankings, as well as how you stack up against the competition. We use both software and manual labor to generate the needed assessment. In addition, we take the time to understand your business and objectives and factor them into the overall SEO strategy.

SEO-ProcessWe start with an in-depth consultation to identify your business needs and will develop the best strategy for your business to implement. But we don’t stop there! We also measure and analyze the results and listen to the provided feedback. The result… Continuous Improvement!

Our program includes:

  • Keyword and On-Page SEO Research and Analysis
  • Business Directory and Press Release Sites Setup
  • On-site Blog and Authorship Configuration
  • On-page website Optimization
  • Content Generation and Optimization
  • Content Distribution
  • Competitive Link Building
  • Website Speed Optimization and Security

Let us demonstrate our proven methods of turning prospects into customers using the most-targeted demographic data available in any advertising medium.If you want to find out more about our White Plains, NY search engine optimization services, SEO services specific to your business location, or a free no obligation strategy session, call us at 845-536-5766.

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Free Strategy Session