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Every executive periodically comes in contact with marketing challenges that affect or impact the overall goals they are trying to achieve. In many cases executives implement a direction, without studying the circumstances, thinking that they were making the best possible decision. It is that type of “spur of the moment” decision making that reduces the likelihood that the direction taken is best for the situation. It’s important for protocol that is in place to look at the customer’s point of view from a strategic marketing and planning standpoint. Additionally, marketers need to ask some pointed questions that might be overlooked, such as:

  • What problems or needs cause customers and potential customers to consider buying products or services from your company or organization?
  • What enhancements in the customer’s environment can you empower or improve upon?
  • Are there customer market segments that are lured to your company’s product or service?
  • What motivates customers to purchase your products, and why?
  • Are there changes in the market, or consumer trends, that are impacting customers and potential customers interest toward your product or service. Is it industry wide, or an isolated situation?

At AKMC, the approach taken helps in the development of the best direction, resulting in the greatest success. The goal is to discover the correct market niches to market and sell, without wasting resources or precious budgetary dollars.

With over 25-years of strategic marketing experience, and helping companies implement both traditional and online marketing and sales programs, AKMC brings a valuable perspective to developing strategic marketing plans and programs. The whole process is taken into consideration, resulting in the best direction for all the marketing, planning, advertising, public relations, direct mail, trade show, and collateral activities.


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