Credit Card Processing

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PayJunction is a service that allows your business to process credit card transactions in three ways:

  • At your office – Virtual Terminal
  • Through your website – Payment Gateway
  • On the go – Mobile Processing

Just think what you can also do for the environment with the PayJunction Trinity system.  With 4.3 million trees being cut down annually for paper receipts, the PayJunction Trinity system can make your transactions paperless.  Our Trinity system can help you reduce your carbon footprint, while helping you show you commitment to your local community by acting responsible and minimizing environmental pollution.  Remember, you can’t recycle thermal paper, as it contains chemicals that are non-recyclable.

The Trinity system is one simple product that provides three ways to process credit card payments…  At your office with our virtual terminal…  Through your website or custom application…  Or, on the go with our mobile processing solution, allow you to wirelessly process payments using smart phones and tablets.

Whether you process $5,000 or $50,000 a month, we have experience assisting clients on projects of all scales.  Schedule a “Solutions Call” with your AKMC consultant.  Tell us your business needs and let us show you the way to meet them.

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Founded in 2000, PayJunction provides transaction processing services for tens of thousands of businesses that process in excess of a billion dollars annually.  AKMC is an Authorized Representative for PayJunction.

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