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Bringing Affordable Coupon Services to Local Businesses.

Bringing Affordable Coupon Services to Local Businesses

Many companies, restaurants, and professionals use on-line coupons to market and sell their goods in local marketplaces. They are looking to lure potential customers and patients into buying and sharing some of the best deals in their local areas. The thing is, how much is this costing business? Also are businesses able to capture the needed data from the potential customers?

At AKMC, we have a way to help local businesses grow their businesses and practices. We have a way to introduce restaurants, stores and professional practices to new customers and show them how to make these coupon users a “regular.”

Is your business hungry? Does it want to generate a database of new and potential customers? Do you want to make your business the “talk of the town?” We can help you be successful, and at an efficient manner that won’t rob your bottom line… One that does not charge your business 50% of the “deal!”

You and your business will love Accelerated Qponz! We will create a one-of-a-kind experience for your new and potential customers to enjoy… and talk about to their friends in the area. From a dollars-off deal, to a discounted seven-course meal… From Bento Box meal, to a box seat at a sporting event… We will work with your business to put together a unique package that will tantalize the experience taste buds of the client base you are looking to attract.

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With the Accelerated Qponz program, you will get the following:

  • Generate a coupon campaign for your business or practice.
  • Create a requirement of claim requests (i.e., 50 claim requests before we release the coupon), to help generate viral excitement. After you hit the minimum, the system will unlock the offer and automatically send a redeem email.
  • We can also set a maximum number of coupons and close the offer automatically, if needed.
  • We can do programs for on-line and off-line businesses. If done online, we can add a QR code so you can scan the coupon and mark it as “redeemed,” so the customer, client or patient cannot use it again.

    ScreenHunter_106 Feb. 17 11.46

    See the status of the coupon!

  • We can also incorporate YouTube videos into the coupon templates.
  • We can also ask users to like your Facebook page before they can access the deal.
  • We can provide optional SMS Marketing. By adding this function, you can help increase the number of prospects that redeem your coupon. Upon signing up for a coupon, we will capture the potential customers’ cell phone numbers. When the program hits the minimum request number, we unlock the offer and send a SMS message to the person who requested the coupon.
  • We will also build a Facebook Snippet that will show on the redeemers’ wall.  As a result, their friends will see the offer in their news feed.
  • We will also provide Qponz Insight… Total views… And Total Redeemed!
  • We can also integrate the offer in your website by providing an HTML version, iFrame version, or through a direct link for Facebook authorization.
  • We can also make flyers for customers to scan the QR code. When customers scan the QR Code, they are invited to install the Facebook Application to redeem the deal. The customer uses the same system, as if they clicked on the “Connect to Facebook” button on your coupon page.
ScreenHunter_109 Feb. 17 11.48

Use a flyer with a QR Code to help the offer go viral!

Our program gives you so many services that other entities cannot provide, like a database of users and method of tracking redemption! You will see all the customers and who redeemed your coupons!

Give us a call and find out how to get involved with our program that is taking on local businesses and practices by storm… Accelerated Qponz. Or, feel free to click the button below to get the conversation started.  It may be the best deal your business will experience in the local market.

Let’s Get The Conversation Started!

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